Chief presidential legal counsel insists declaration of revolutionary government is constitutional

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MANILA, Philippines — “To serve and protect the Filipino people” will be the basis of President Rodrigo Duterte in case he will be forced to declare the revolutionary government.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo said during his interview on Get It Straight with Daniel Razon that the statement of the president is a warning to those who are trying to disrupt the democratic process in the country.

However, the presidential lawyer did not deny that revolutionary government is not written in the Philippine Constitution.

“What the President is saying is, ‘Do not force my hand into it because I know there are conspiracies. But if there are overt acts that will dismantle this democratic process, that’s a different thing’,” said the chief presidential legal counsel.

“Which part of the Constitution indicates the declaration of the revolutionary government?” asked Razon.

“It’s not indicated specifically but the logic there is serving and protecting the people and his oath of office which is defending and preserving the Constitution,” he said.

“So, it means since you are trying to preserve the Constitution, you’re trying to protect the people,” said Razon.

“And you are the constitutionally elected president, you can’t just be removed,” added Panelo.

Under the revolutionary government, it is possible to remove the Congress as well as those who are corrupt in the government.

“If revolutionary government will be declared, nothing will be changed, most likely it will only be but the judicial system remains… those who are afraid of the revolutionary government are the scoundrels, and the corrupt,” said the presidential lawyer.

Panelo concluded that a country’s form of government still depends on what kind of leader that country has.

However, the mandate to perform his duties as the chief executive of the country is still given by the Filipino people.

“In my opinion, whatever form of government, as long as you are implementing it well, it is good for the people,” said Panelo.

“So incorrect dictatorial power.  Does that mean this revolutionary government we are thinking of is correct dictatorial? Is that right?” asked Razon.

“Dictator in the sense that the Constitution states we have three branches but the powers are given to the executive and legislative. In a sense, it is dictator. Anyway, if the people will agree, no one disagrees, if ever, there are only a few, but the majority agrees, it’s constitutional because the sovereign voice of the people have spoken,” explained Panelo. — Rosalie Coz | UNTV News and Rescue

Malacañang on ASF-positive PH: ‘No need to worry’

Marje Pelayo   •   September 9, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang believes the Department of Agriculture (DA) is in control of the situation following confirmation of African Swine Fever (ASF) infestation in the country.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, there is no reason to panic about the matter as the DA assured pork meat in markets are safe for consumption.

Nevertheless, it is important to wait for the formal advice from the DA to be certain.

“I think there is no need to worry considering that the DA secretary has not cautioned us not to avoid or not to eat, or to avoid [pork meat],” he said. – MNP (with details from Rosalie Coz)

Panelo on Sanchez’s clemency plea: ‘No intervention, nothing whatsoever’

Aileen Cerrudo   •   September 3, 2019

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo has denied intervention in the former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez’s executive clemency plea.

Panelo has reiterated, during a media briefing on Tuesday (Sept. 3), that the letter sent by Sanchez’s family for an executive clemency request is only a referral letter and not a recommendation.

“I stand by my statement that I have nothing to do, no intervention, nothing whatsoever, it was a referral letter which is consistent with our duty in the office to refer all letters to appropriate agencies that should require their evaluation or action,” he said.

The referral letter was sent to the Bureau of Pardons and Parole (BPP) last February 26, 2019. This was revealed during the Senate hearing on the controversial good conduct time allowance (GCTA) on Tuesday morning.

Based on BPP’s response, the plea of Sanchez’s family was denied due to the heavy crime committed by the former mayor.

Panelo also said he has not been in touch with Sanchez since 1995. However, he admitted that he met with Sanchez’s family in Malacañang.

Meanwhile, Harriet Demetriou, the retired judge who sentenced Sanchez in 1995 said she does not believe that Panelo has no idea about the possible release of the convicted former mayor.—AAC (with reports from Rosalie Coz)

Panelo to file libel charges against, Rappler

Aileen Cerrudo   •   September 3, 2019

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo has announced he will file libel charges against online publications and Rappler.

This is due to their “malicious” reports about Panelo’s referral letter on former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez’s executive clemency plea.

According to Panelo, the same media outlets reported that he “recommended” the release of the former mayor. He clarified that he only “referred” it to the Bureau of Pardons and Parole (BPP).

READ: BPP: Panelo referred Sanchez’s clemency application

He is referring to Rappler’s article, “Panelo endorsed Sanchez’s letter for executive clemency.” also posted a tweet on the same issue.

“As I earlier said in the press briefing this morning, those articles are reeking with malice and it’s libelous in nature because it tends to impute an act to discredit me in public and to tarnish my honor,” he said.

“In view of this, I’m filing a libel case against net Inquirer and Rappler for publishing these malicious articles,” he added.

Panelo also said they are already drafting the said complaints.

In a statement, Rappler said the complaint is merely a diversionary tactic.

Rappler also calls on Panelo to answer the questions about his possible conflicts of interest.—AAC


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