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Oil companies to impose oil price hike this week

by admin   |   Posted on Monday, 11 February 2019 01:56 PM

MANILA, Philippines —  After last week’s rollback, oil companies are set to impose a price hike on petroleum products this week.

Industry players said that there will be a P0.90 to P0.95 per liter increase for gasoline while P 0.50 to P0.55 per liter increase for diesel.

Also, there will be a P0.80 to P0.90 per liter increase for kerosene.

Meanwhile, a large percentage of gasoline stations in the country have already implemented the oil excise tax. In relation to the oil price hike, Sen. Bam Aquino called once again on President Rodrigo Duterte to suspend the implementation of the oil excise tax. — UNTV News and Rescue


Another oil price hike seen next week

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, 22 March 2019 03:06 PM

Motorists may have to shell out more money next week as local oil firms announce another possible round of price hikes.

Oil Industry Players estimate the price of gasoline to increase by P0.70 to P0.75 per liter and diesel by P0.10 to P0.15 a liter.

If it pushes through, this would be the seventh consecutive week that local pump prices have increased. – Robie de Guzman


Pump price to go up anew this week

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Monday, 18 March 2019 10:32 AM

Oil companies have announced that another pump price adjustment is set to be imposed this week.

The industry players said, each liter of diesel will likely go up by P0.25 to P0.35 while a P0.40 to P0.50 increase might be applied to kerosene.

Gasoline is also up by more than one peso per liter.

From January until March 16 this year, the price of diesel has gone up by at least P6.59; kerosene by P4.00 and gasoline by P5.99.

The oil price hike is due to the oil price movement in the world market. — Freema Salonga – Gloria


Big-time oil price hike seen next week

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Saturday, 16 March 2019 06:11 PM

A big-time oil price hike is likely to be implemented next week to reflect the movement of prices in the world market.

Based on the estimates of local oil industry players, the price of gasoline will to go up by P1.50 to P1.60 per liter, diesel by P0.25 to P0.35 and kerosene by up to P0.50 a liter.

This will be the sixth consecutive weekly increase as oil firms implement the latest adjustment in oil prices every Tuesday. – Robie de Guzman

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