Russia’s floating nuclear plant readies for Northern Sea Route

Robie de Guzman   •   August 23, 2019   •   443

Russia showcased to the media the world’s first floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov on Thursday (August 22).

Crew on the Akademik Lomonosov are expected to leave Murmansk for a long journey along the Northern Sea Route to Chukotka in Russia’s far east.

Rosenergoatom deputy director Dmitry Alekseenko said at a news conference that the main advantage of the new type of nuclear plant is its mobility that allows it to reach any point with demand for energy. He also said that it would do no harm to the environment.

Critics, however, warily recall Soviet-era nuclear accidents and Russia’s naval disasters such as the loss of the nuclear-powered submarine Kursk, which sank in the Barents Sea after explosions on board, killing all 118 crew.

In 2018 Greenpeace issued a statement calling Lomonosov a ‘nuclear Titanic’. (Reuters)

(Production: Lev Sergeev, Dmitry Turlyun)

Putin’s candidate for PM says he is ‘ready’ to work

UNTV News   •   January 16, 2020

Russia’s Prime Minister nominee Mikhail Mishustin at State Duma epa08133005 Russian Prime Minister nominee Mikhail Mishustin speaks during a plenary session at the State Duma in Moscow, Russia, 16 January 2020. Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted the candidacy of Russian Federal Taxation Service Head Mikhail Mishustin for the post of Russian Prime Minister after the Russian government resigned on 15 January 2020 following Putin’s address to the federal Assembly. The Russian State Duma is to consider the president’s nomination on 16 January 2020. EPA-EFE/YURI KOCHETKOV

Moscow – Russian prime ministerial candidate Mikhail Mishustin said Thursday he is “ready” to lead the new government as he met with different factions of the Duma (Parliament) that will assess his suitability for the position.

“Yes, I am ready,” the economist and politician, who until now had been the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, told reporters, as cited by the Interfax news agency.

Mishustin, 53, was put forward as a candidate to lead the government on Wednesday by President Vladimir Putin after PM Dmitri Medvedev announced the resignation of the entire government following Putin’s announcement of constitutional reforms in his annual state of the nation speech.

The minister of science and higher education, Mikhail Kotjukov, said Thursday at the Gaidar Forum that he had not expected the resignation of the entire government, according to the news official agency TASS.

In a meeting held with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) Mishustin said he would organize the government “in close collaboration with Parliament,” according to party sources, who decided to support the appointment of this Muscovite technocrat, its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said.

Mishustin already has the support of the official United Russia party, whose head in the Duma, Sergey Neverov, said Thursday that the candidate announced “changes” in the composition of the government, though he did not reveal which ones.

During the meeting with the Kremlin party, the candidate spoke about national projects and the digital economy among his priorities, as well as institutional and management reforms, in addition to the implementation of modern information technologies within state structures.

Mishustin, who modernized the Federal Tax Service with new technologies, believes that the state “should be a digital platform created for people,” according to Anastasia Kashevarov, an aide to the speaker of the Duma.

The candidate also said national investment projects in different sectors are a tool for boosting growth in the Russian economy and if he is appointed PM he will start by removing barriers to business.

In his talks with the Communist Party of Russia, which will abstain in Thursday’s vote on Putin’s candidate according to party leader Gennady Zyuganov, Mishustin said he would do everything he could to solve poverty issues.

Putin announced Wednesday in his state of the nation speech social support initiatives, such as increasing aid to families with incomes below the existential minimum, a program to modernize the health care system and more scholarships for university students.

The president is on Thursday expected to meet with the members of a working group created to prepare changes to the Russian constitution.

Mishustin, who will have the backing of A Just Russia in the session, heard criticism from some factions of the Duma regarding four ministries: labor, health, education and culture, according to Kashevarov. EFE-EPA


Lifesaver: How to treat fireworks-related burns and injuries

Robie de Guzman   •   December 31, 2019

MANILA, Philippines – The government has been calling on the public to ditch fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices for safer noise-maker alternatives to avoid any injuries during the celebration of the holidays.

However, there are some people who just can’t help themselves from setting those firecrackers off so UNTV’s Lifesaver program has prepared first-aid tips on how to treat burns and injuries related to the use of fireworks.

Lifesaver program host, UNTV News and Rescue Manager Benedict Galazan, said there are different first aid treatments for different types of fireworks accidents.

He, however, stressed that these are only temporary measures as victims should be immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

Here are the first-aid tips:

  • For first degree burns, the burned or injured area should be washed under cool running water for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain and remove traces of chemical powder.
  • Cover the burned area using a clean cloth and, if necessary, immediately bring the victim to the hospital.

First-degree burns are considered mild and result in pain and reddening of the skin.

  • For second degree burns, run cool water on the wound for 10 to 15 minutes to stop the bleeding and ease the pain.
  • Cover the wound with a clean cloth or plastic wrap then bring the victim to the nearest hospital.

Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and lower layer of the skin and may cause pain, redness, and blistering.

When blistering occurs, the swollen area of the skin should not be popped.

“‘Yung mga blister o paltos ay huwag puputukin. Kasi iyan po ang pinaka-defense mechanism ng katawan ‘yan na kapag may heat na naramdaman ang katawan, magpo-produce siya ng liquid para ‘yun din ang makatulong sa pagcool-down ng burn,” Galazan said.

  • For third-degree burns, run the wound on cool water for 10 to 15 minutes to stop the bleeding and ease the pain.
  • Carefully put pressure on the injured area to control the bleeding.
  • Do NOT apply toothpaste, cream or any oil-based ointment to the wound or burn.
  • Cover the injured area with a clean cloth or plastic wrap then bring the victim to the hospital.

Third-degree burns affect the dermis and deeper skin tissues and may result in white or blackened, charred skin that may be numb.

  • For injured fingers, hands and other limbs, Lifesaver advises to run the injured part under cool water. Do NOT use ice.
  • If the fingers are still intact, run it as well on cool water.
  • If some fingers or other body parts are dismembered or lost, apply pressure using a tourniquet or any device (bandage and stick, rope or belt) to a limb or extremity to limit – but not stop – the flow of blood.
  • Also, try to look for the dismembered finger, and wrap them in a clean cloth. Place them inside a sealed plastic bag and put it in ice.
  • Bring the victim and the dismembered body part to the nearest hospital.

Dismembered limbs need to be brought with the victim to the hospital as these may still be reattached through surgery.

  • For eye injuries, flush the affected eye with cool water to remove any traces of firecracker powder.
  • Do NOT scratch or touch the injured eye.
  • If it is bleeding, use gauze or a paper cup to cover and protect the injured eye. Be careful not to put pressure on the eye.
  • Bring the patient to the nearest hospital

For ingestion or firecracker or its powder, here are the first aid tips:

  • Let the patient drink raw egg whites. Health experts recommend six to eight egg whites to a child and eight to 12 to an adult.
  • The patient should not attempt to throw up the ingested firecracker to prevent further damage.
  • Bring the victim to the nearest hospital.

Remember, if the wound is larger than the size of the palm of the hand, immediately bring the victim to the nearest hospital or call emergency medical services such as 8-911-UNTV.

Watch the episode of Lifesaver below for more first aid tips on firecracker burns:

– RRD (Correspondent Harlene Delgado contributed to this report)

Russia plans to file appeal against Olympic doping ban

UNTV News   •   December 20, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin answers questions during his annual life-broadcasted news conference with Russian and foreign media at the World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia, 19 December 2019. EFE/EPA/YURI KOCHETKOV

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (Rusada) announced on Thursday that it plans to appeal a four-year doping ban from international sports competitions.

Rusada rejected the decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and recommended to file an arbitration case with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

Alexandr Ívlev, head of the Rusada supervisory board, told the local press: “We have made the decision not to accept the decision.”

Ívlev said the supervisory board will send the corresponding recommendation to another panel of Russian sports figures for approval.

A letter will then be prepared on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who described the sanctions as “unfair” at his annual press conference on Thursday.

Ívlev said: “We will do this within 10-15 days. Then the ball will be in the field of Wada and we will address that matter in the legal field.”

The official said the Russian argument is “quite solid” but refused to speculate on the options for the Cas to rule in Moscow’s favour.

When announcing the sanctions Wada gave Rusada 21 days to accept or reject its ruling and appeal to the Cas.

The head of the Kremlin has said from the outset that Moscow will launch an appeal.

Ívlev said: “Collective punishment is inadmissible for clean athletes.

“We are in constant dialogue with the main sports organizations.

“We have discrepancies on strategies, but Russia is still part of the global sports culture.”

Putin said on Thursday during his annual press conference that Wada’s decision was not one of either “common sense” or “international law”.

“Something like this has never happened in the history of mankind in any legal system and I hope it never happens again,” he added.

The Russian leader, who also described the “collective punishment” as unacceptable said he was convinced Russian athletes will compete under their flag at the Tokyo Olympics, as Wada has no power over the Russian Olympic Committee.

“I think this gives us all the reasons to assume that this decision, unfortunately, has a political character,” he added. EFE-EPA


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