Train that uses solar power elements launched in New Delhi

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India joins the club of select-few countries to run trains on alternative fuel on Friday’s inauguration of the country’s first solar-powered diesel electrical train in New Delhi.

The 1,600 horsepower diesel electric multiple unit, six-coach train is fitted with 16 solar panels on each of the carriage.

The train also has a power back-up and can run on battery for at least 72 hours.

The partly solar-powered train is in sync with India’s ambitious Paris Climate Agreement and also meets rules of ‘Make in India’ initiative as it has been built indigenously. – UNTV News and Rescue

Poor air quality in India’s capital triggers health concerns

admin   •   November 12, 2018


New Delhi in smog | REUTERS

Pollution levels in New Delhi, the capital of India, are over 50 times more than the allowed limits, raising people’s concerns over health especially for children.

Four-year-old Avyan suffers from severe wheezing and chest infections, which often leading to multiple hospitalizations. Although he is under the protection of air purifiers and anti-pollution masks, his mother still worries about his health condition because the pollution in the city shows no sign of improving.

“Whenever I put a mask on him for doing the nebulizer, every time some part of me inside me cries. Because once I am pumping him with all those strong medicines, just to manage those symptoms, the other is his body really needs that to survive in this environment. So we would want him to have a very nice happy healthy childhood, but it’s sad that we are not able to give him that, just because we’re in a place which has so much of pollution,” said Anchal Garg Karanth, mother of Avyan.

Recent studies have shown that one in every three children in Delhi has impaired lung function according to the Center of Science and Environment. Doctors also say newborn babies in Delhi take in gulps of polluted air equivalent to smoking 25 cigarettes on the first day of their lives.

According to the World Health Organization, over 100,000 children died below the age of five due to the air pollution in India in 2016, which is the record high in the world. Children are particularly vulnerable to bad air because they breathe more rapidly than adults and absorb twice as many pollutants.

“If you are not oxygenating very well, your cognitive function in terms of behavior, intelligence, has a major impact, especially if it happens in the younger years because that is when the neurological system is really developing. Other than that, any chronic lung issue can impact the cardiovascular system as well,” said Anupama Gupta, a pediatrician.

Delhi’s smog is said to be a toxic mix of vehicular pollution, construction dust, and fumes from crops burnt by farmers in neighboring states. This year, the Delhi government banned all construction, digging and excavation work when the pollution levels started rising. The government might also act by taking private cars off of Delhi’s roads if pollution levels deteriorate further.

“In emergency response, you are not really solving the problem, but what you are doing is you are stopping from adding more where the situation is already very bad. But the more fundamental solution will come when you are doing a round-the-year plan and with stringent implementation of that plan,” said Anumita Roy Chowdhary, an environmentalist.

The Indian government is currently working on a national clean air plan and has suggested it aims to reduce air pollution by 30 percent in the next five years. — Reuters

Pres. Duterte to open up issue of fighting terrorism in ASEAN-India summit

UNTV News   •   January 24, 2018

The Philippine delegates led by President Rodrigo Duterte left for New Delhi, India on Wednesday afternoon to attend the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit on Thursday.

The President sees the summit as a good venue that will open many opportunities for the Philippines’ Economic Growth.

He also sees this as a platform to discuss the issue on fighting terrorism.

“We’re okay sa ASEAN. But it’s all trade and commerce and everything else under the sun, except but we do not have the platform for terrorism and other problems of law and order . . . That’s why I will go, because I will tell them, “If these will only be the agenda, so what’s the use of meeting just once a year?” And probably the ministerial level, once every 3 months,” Duterte said.

The Chief Executive adds that he will also take harsh measures against terrorists who will try to sow violence in the country. And if the threats get worse, especially in Sulu and Celebes Sea, he will ask China to help the Philippines to resolve it.

“I will tell you, if we can’t solve it. We just have to call China to come in and blow them off just like Somalia, that Aden Strait there, were it not for the presence of the Chinese, piracy there would have not stopped,” said Duterte.

Meanwhile, President Duterte gives the Kuwaiti government an ultimatum. If no action is taken on the abuses against Overseas Filipino Workers, the President is determined to order a recall and a ban on the deployment of OFW’s in the said country.

Although the President said Kuwait has been helping the Philippines and it is truly an ally, he will not let our fellow Filipinos not only in Kuwait but also in the whole of middle east to suffer abuse in any form.

“Can I ask you now just to treat my countrymen as human beings with dignity? I do not want to fight with you. We need your help to improve our country,” Duterte said. – Rosalie Coz | UNTV News & Rescue

New Delhi government tests “anti-smog gun” to fight pollution

admin   •   December 23, 2017

FILE PHOTO: People cross the road in Delhi, India, November 7, 2017. REUTERS/Saumya Khandelwal

The Indian capital New Delhi looks at ways to combat its annual pollution crisis.

On Wednesday, authorities conducted a trial run of an “anti-smog gun” or a machine that sprays atomized water into the air in one of its most polluted areas as the city expects to bring down pollution levels.

The anti-smog gun, shaped like a hair dryer and mounted on a flatbed truck, was tested in Anand Vihar area of New Delhi.

“The trial run is being held at the Anand Vihar bus terminal. After our meetings, we figured that if we can put water or mist from above or if it rains, then it will help in bringing down particulate matter, pm 2.5, pm 10 and other pollutants. So, keeping this in mind, we conducted the trial run. We have noted the pollution levels before and after using the anti-smog gun, and then we will check how much pollution levels have gone down after using it,” said Delhi environment Minister Imran Hussain.

The “anti-smog gun” will be rolled out in the streets of New Delhi if it turned out to be successful, the official said.

According to A U.S. Embassy measure, the level of pm 2.5 stood at 408 at 2 pm on Wednesday eight times the upper limit of “good” quality air at 50.

This is an improvement over last week when the pollution levels climbed to 12 times above the recommended limit.

A combination of farmers burning stubble, industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust, dust enveloping northern India, including New Delhi, and wind speeds slowing down every year as winter approaches contribute to the pollution. — Reuters


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